I know Meghan has already touched upon this, but I simply CANNOT believe it! I’m going to the Capitals convention. Meghan and I are going to the Capitals convention! That is an extremely dangerous combination: Meghan + Anna + Washington Capitals = Giggling, squealing, and inside jokes with heavy innuendo.


My parent’s are pissed that I’m going, considering they are like $40, and I am unemployed, and in debt $230 to my sister, but it’s a Capitals convention! How am I supposed to miss that? . . .

Exactly, so I pretty much told my parents I was going, and that Meghan’s dad was taking us. There’s nothing they can do about it, really. I’m determined to meet those boys. And now, it’ll happen. Like Meghan mentioned, let’s just hope we don’t get stuck meeting someone I DO NOT enjoy watching. . . *horrible thoughts* IhopeitsnotNyls!

I cannot wait. The next two months are going to be ridiculously long, and if anyone expects me to pay attention on the 25th in school, they’re seriously mistaken.

– Anna


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