I’m going to the Cap’s convention, I’m going to the Cap’s convention, Anna and I are going to the Cap’s convention!

I’m beyond excited I wasn’t sure if it was gonna happen but I’m buying tickets Tuesday. Best part no one can back out because I called my mother and she said “Oh do you want to do this for you dads birthday?” and I was like “That was my first thought!” (right) She was like “Perfect it’ll be a bit early but he’ll love it!” “Yeaaaaah what I was thinking.” (Mhhhm)

You are gonna get pictures and I’ll update my twitter constantly through out the day (Sept. 26) and I’ll freak out and be a goober. *gasp* I haven’t taken a breath in five minutes (I literally go the plans all finalized a few minutes ago.) I’m also hoping to go to first practice which won’t be as big of a maybe cause that’s free I just need to know the exact day.

My only worry is that they said you get to pick what time slot for autographs you want when you arrive and I’m like well are they telling you who is what time or are you just like closing your eye and throwing the dart of fate and hoping like twelve thirty isn’t some one you don’t want like the dreaded Clark/Jose combo.

WHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEE! You have no idea how excited this makes me, I even know what I want to wear that day. Trust me I’m no usually this insane but I’ve been deprived lately.

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