I haven’t babbled in a while. You probably thought you were safe from it for a while there!
1. I am getting much better at talking about He Who Must Not Be Named I’ve graduated to saying You Know Who. And when Back In the USSR came up during shuffle on my Ipod I didn’t throw it across my living room this time. (You think I’m joking… sadly no) I also managed to talk about him with out sticking my fingers in my ears and going LALALA or ignoring the text message.
2. I keep getting hit in waves of how awesome september 26 is going to be. I keep thinking about all the ways I’m going to embaress my self too. Tripping and falling in the line to get something signed would suck the most I think (unless on of them caught me). I hope I don’t have to answer any sort of question during any part of the day. I’m not good with questions. Anna can attest to this.
3. I also hope I can keep a straight face. As Anna mentioned WAY to many inside jokes.
4. One thing on my hit list: picture with or at least of Mike Green. I want to show it to my friend who has a really unhealthy obsession with him so she can DIE and I can finally win the arguement we’ve been having for many months now.
5. I’m still not sure about Brendan Morrisons nickname if he sucks I can call him Brenda thats been decided.
6. So he’s from Michigan state? As a fan of Badgers hockey and a girl of Ohio family I should hate his guts (go buckeyes whoo hoo phffft). But, it shall be forgiven. As someone made my day by saying: with all these Wolverines and Russians we could do a remake of Red Dawn. (80’s movie: google it.)

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