Some one find out where the mystery machine is parked and call Sam Spade we have a mystery on our hands. On twitter this morning the Hershey Bears official feed linked a Pennsylvania on line newspaper that reported a player named Boyd Kane was put on the Cap’s roster on At first when I began to look into this I had NO idea what the reporter was talking about. He wasn’t on the websites roster and finally I had enough of a brainwave to just search on Boyd Kane instead of on Google and I went to the player profile page and sure enough he was dedicated to us.

Peculiar seeing as he was captain of the Hershey Bears the year that they won the cup in ’06 with Green and other now Capitals. He then went to the Phillly Phantoms and has played there since. He was UFA this year I guess and perhaps the Caps signed him but why? He’s a left winger and we don’t really have cap room for him I’m guessing. Obviously we have some experience with the guy but hmmm.

Now the Cap’s nor Kane has made any sort of statement. Maybe the NHL website messed up? Curiouser and Curiouser…

PS. I call a time out on the Caps. Two Morrisons? Two Boyds? And if we did sign him I can’t call him Kaner cause that is just confusing for the ‘Hawks Kaner. Why are you doing this to me?

Hershey has in fact signed him to a one year contract, he will play in the AHL for our upcoming cup defending year. He is also the second man in AHL history to captian two different teams in cup winning years. Looks good huh?


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