Training Camp

I can’t go so it seems which is not cool but I’m looking to you fellow Cap’s fans/Bloggers/Comcast to keep me updated. I have an unusually busy week ahead. Monday I have to go to my ex-work and chop some heads because they ‘misplaced’ my last paycheck. Thank you very much, that is what I get for working with muscle heads.
Tuesday I buy convention tickets and then I join my fellow dorks to go see Harry Potter which leads into Wednsday.
Wednsday should be marked on ALL you junkies calenders because it is the upcoming season schedules release date.
And so on and so forth.

Hockey news is dismal lately. I haven’t heard anything good or new in a week now. Besides the foretelling of the cap room armageddon which while completely interesting… is… yawn… kinda… snore…

My ONLY cap priority is my two guys, my boys, the bad asses: Nicki and My little Emo Kid. If I can’t have either I can’t have the Cappies in quite the same way. I will die a little inside. I’m attached

To My Little Emo Kid,
Maybe you should do really well this year and drop subtle hints that you would gladly drop kick or have some “cousins” take care of Jose/Nyls if it means you can stay. Also I don’t care how seductive the EVIL EVIL EVIL KHL is with their good money and long term deals you don’t listen to them! Your an American now! After all like you said we cook our meat much tastier here. Even if it means taking less money. Think about your BFFF. He’s stuck here at least 12 more years. What will he do with out you? What have I said before? Ovie loves Sasha in a NOT gay way. Don’t pull a Fedo- I mean You Know Who.

PS. Your leaving would also mean I wasted 20 bucks plus shipping on a Semin RBK shirt that is unflatteringly large but I will wear anyway cause it’s you for NOTHING.

And one last thing: We continue to wonder: When On Earth Is Brent Johnson?


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