My Completely Uninformed Opinion

Watching development camp like a hawk was a little diffucult seeing as I couldn’t be there but our fellow bloggers did a great job keeping all of us unfortunate wretches from going stir crazy. Here’s my impressions from other peoples impressions and video and in general let my talk about stuff I know nothing about.

I heard Mathieu was smoking people (we’re looking at you Jolly Joe the Giant) and looking in general impressive so I expect to see more of him.

Jolly Joe the Giant and I now have a never ending feud; You wacked Bucky? You, You, You, Gah I can’t call you what I want to call you cause this is a family friendly site! Just let you know if I ever see you I’m throwing my Bucky popcorn tin at your head. I don’t care if you did have to write a letter of apology you and I will never be quite the same. You picked the wrong team to be on buddy! You are looking at someone who was a Badgers fan long before she was a Cap’s fan and I love both more than you, you are tradeable. Sieve, Sieve, Sieve, you jerk.

Braden Holtby sounded like he was doing well but what really caught my eye were his tweets. He is offically given a Hockey Chronicles blog rating of adorable. If someone would just take care of Jose like I’ve been hinting, ever so heavily, maybe we’d get to see you more.

This just in according the Jolly Joe Schultzie is in fact not a goon. Congrats Jeff.

On another note: YES! Gordo has taken the offer! So happy! The other RFA’s have until Wednsday to take their offers. (Come on Fehrsie)

And we continue to wonder where in the world Brent Johnson is. I hope he signs with a nice team. I feel bad for all the goalies still out there cause I know the market has been slim for them.

And a quick HAHA at the Redwings, we invited Nils Backstrom your defensive prospect to camp and apparently he was so out of shape that by the end he was getting out skated by the goalie. That’s what you get for stealing Nicki’s last name. When will the Backstrom madness stop? I’m looking at you niKlas Backstrom.



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2 responses to “My Completely Uninformed Opinion

  1. Tony

    Who stole who’s name? Do your research!

    • thehockeychronicles

      First off this is my very first disgruntled comment. Milestone!

      Two my commment on some one “stealing” someones name was mearly a JOKE of how common the name Backstrom is among Swedish/Finnish born people let alone players. I was not suggesting someones mother when they were pregnant was covertly sneaking around looking for someones last name to steal. I’m sure she had it already. In Sweden/Finland much like here you are generally born with the surname. Its the first name you get to choose, my friend, and all three (Nils, Nicki, and niKlas) have different one.

      Thirdly I did do my research. Did you? I happen to know that Nils is 23 meanwhile Nicki is 21 however trumping both niKlas is 31. I also know niKlas is Finnish meanwhile Nils and Nicki are Swedish.

      Fourthly I’m sorry you didn’t get the joke and I hope I didn’t offend you. Perhaps I should but a disclaimer on my post “Caution: Humor Required to Read”? You’d think though the name of the post “My Completely UNINFORMED opinion” would have tipped you off.

      Once again I hope I didn’t upset you too badly, I know how fustrating people can be as a Cap’s fan, You everlasting blogger Meg.

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