And We Thought It Was Over

It’s mid-afternoon and I’m sitting here, I had bought my tickets (ECK!) already and I’m beginning to drift off so I do a quick Twitter check and who is being sassy? Marty Havlat! The scandal of ’09 free agenct continues. The hockey gods have answered our bored summer prayers. I actually yelled “Bloody brilliant!” at my computer. He begins by talking about the plight of Dale Tallon. He’s like a second father to me he bemoans. Yeah if my dad did what Dale did I’d have fired him. Let alone my second father. He’s lucky he gets to still have a job.

“By, telling the truth I don’t want people to think I’m bitter…” Well of course you’re not… *cough cough*

He does talk about how he feels the fans need to hear the truth. Word my friend.

“I loved my time in Chicago but I’ve moved on…” I’m afraid you have not dearest.

Well keep it up Sassy Pants I’ve got a couple hours until I have to be anywhere.

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