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  • Everyone should have heard about the Chicago mess what I did not realize is that they have a convention (just like ours its were we got the idea actually I knew I liked the Hawks for some reason) this very weekend. I wonder how that’s going to go down with all the fans being egged on by Havlat (his twitter crashed yesterday from all the replies).
  • Havlat has given an interview FINALLY getting to the point of his tantalizing tweets. It’s interesting, scandalous, explosive stuff. He’s throwing around some heavy accusations.
  • Have you all heard about this Myspace scam involving Crosby? Some women apparently was posing as Sidney on Myspace and asking for money for “charity”. Things get a bit murky there but two fans who had friended “him” on there thinking it was the real Crosby noticed things were a bit fishy and did a rather clever thing. During a playoff game, in overtime, they TALKED to “him” on there. Busted. Apparently there’s also a “Malkin” page on there, probably run by the same chick, doing the same thing. Folks no player is going to ask you to donate money on Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter directly. They might if its them direct to were you need to go to properly donate like a legit web page. They aren’t going to ask you to send it through Western Union. Don’t donate your hard earned money unless you are sure its through a legit charity if the players want donations for a charity I’m sure the official team web page will have something for it. They also make millions of dollars a year in the case of players like Sid or Geni so they can probably donate their own cash to the cause and not need to ask for money. I know your trying to do the right thing but think folks think.
  • I found out I actually CAN go to the scrimmage on Saturday. Expect pictures when I get back and live Twitter updates. Only thing is my phone is hooked up to my personal account so that’s where my mobile updates will be on NOT
  • I got rather an ear full from my mum when I said “You don’t have to come you know to the scrimmage you could go to a mall in DC or Arlington or something. I know you don’t like hockey.” She went off on this indulgent rant about how she likes hockey but not “Like you and your father” which translated from mum speak means “You love it too much!” I think she just sad that I corrected her from thinking her creepy middle aged women crush (Brooks Laich) would not be there cause its not a Cap’s practice its a development camp scrimmage.

Oh and the Kettler pro shop is having a sale on Caps mech on the 25 of July.

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