I Take It Back… I was Right the Entire Time

  • And I knew the Cap’s couldn’t go a whole summer with out an incident. As you may or may not know we signed all the RFAs but yesterday and this morning everyone but Jeff was still under the impression he did NOT sign his offer. Well lets just say it; he pulled a Chicago. He sent it to the wrong fax machine or it went to what I call “Technology Purgatory” or whatever and just didn’t get to the Cap’s like it was meant to.
  • Thank you Jake Hauswirth for you explanation of the American political system to us. I now know the capitals building is “sick” because they pass bills and stuff like that.
  • It is really quite adorable how excited the prospects get about the monuments. Like the eighth grade kids on their class trips.
  • It’s really uncanny how much Casavant and Theo look a like.
  • Speaking of people who look a like and prospects; Dmitry Kugryshev besides looking an awful lot like Semin (Compare: Dmitry: , Semin: http://tinyurl.com/klel6n), besides being the redheaded Russian we so needed, and besides having an adorable blog on icedaily.com (http://www.icedaily.com/blog/58/Dmitry-Kugryshev) is one of my new favorite prospects.
  • Expecting a full house at Kettler on Saturday. Warning: I am willing to elbow people in the face to get good seats.

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One response to “I Take It Back… I was Right the Entire Time

  1. hitormiss89

    haha, you watched the Prospects’ tour too? It was hilarious. “What happens here? Like what do you do?” “Like they put, uhh, bills in to get passed and stuff.” Dude, he’s AMERICAN. He should know this stuff! lol. And did you notice the kid who almost got left behind? That was my favorite.

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