Brooks Laich… Maybe You Need a Hobby?

Brooksie showed up to development camp today according to On Frozen Blog well after apologizing to my wall for throwing my Ipod at it, I hadn’t drank my coffee yet I was a little dramatic, I congratulated my self for calling it. I was just thinking on Monday how I wouldn’t be surprised Brooksie if had popped in to see the prospects. I hope he’s there on Saturday. Maybe he needs a summer hobby? Anna suggested knitting. I think roller hockey could be fun. Summer baseball league? I mean Scarlet Capitals (restrain you giggles) said your a big baseball fan. Any coincidence you showed up the night the prospects are going to a Nats game?

Speaking of development camp if you can’t be there besides my tweeting through out the day there will be some sort of live blogging session with several who’s who’s of the Capital’s blogging world through On Frozen Blog. But Meghan, you must be saying, you weren’t invited? But, your our favorite! Ha ha my friends anyway there will be the On Frozen Blog staff, Reed of Capitals Kremlin, Miss Va a former college women’s hockey goalie, John from the Hershey Bears blog, and a new comer from a new blog called the Capital Letter and a few others. You can ask questions and potentially win a On Frozen Blog mug (oh la la).

Looking forward to watching the scrimmage and getting in to shenanigans in general tomorrow. Impressions and finally my actually informed opinion Saturday evening some time.


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