Piggy Bank Time

So upon looking at this schedule this year I am very pleased. I don’t know how many countless games I missed towards to end of the season last year because they were scheduled early afternoons when I was at work. Not one in site as far as I can tell. I’m not crazy about this Wednesday 10:30 game but oh well.I love how we’re starting early this year. It seemed like that week and some odd days at the beginning of October last year were draaaaaaaaaaged out.

Hockey has never exactly been a sport that when you think of it you think of soft rule following men but usually they are farely law abiding right? Right? Now I know I sometimes get “cap’s blinded” and I miss big stories of other teams but this morning I was informed that in my former home town, former Montreal Canadian Chris Nilan had been arrested for shoplifting. A pair of shorts. Cause he wanted to save a couple bucks. Hand to forehead time.

Well that got me thinking about other hockey players who had done similar deeds. Well apparently the Canadians are just a bunch of hoolligans sometimes. And, hockey players like to shoplift in pairs cause teammates are always getting arrested together. Peer pressure? Do we need to make these guys sit down and watch an after school special?

Well note to the Cap’s don’t you shoplift even when your retired otherwise Brooksie might go all mama on your butt and you’ll be grounded for a whole month.


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