And the Post We’ve All Been Waiting For…

I went to the scrimmage for the last day of development camp today and it was great. Got there nice and early and found seats right on the ice near the goal of the Blue team which happened to have several of our favorite prospects on it. Well my opinion on them later. The bleachers filled up pretty fast and people crowded on an upstairs balcony and stood against the glass at the far end of the rink to watch the prospects.

It was a who’s who of the Capitals’ world; GMGM, Ted (who was wearing some very bright green shorts with this brown shirt someone did not get fashion checked before they left the house this morning), Smokin’ Al Koken, Mike Vogal, and trusty side kick Stretch, several trainers I knew vaguely by face, Bruce and most excitingly Brooks Laich.

Well about in the second period I brought up how incredibly lame it was Brooks was not there since he had shown up the day before. Anna and I ranted a good minute about that when we both looked across the ice. At first I wasn’t sure I was seeing it right, so I looked at Anna who was giving me the same look, and then I cried in a way I’m sure our bench buddy did not appreciate “That’s him!” Seeing as that’s the closest I’ve ever been to a Cap, not even at games: cheap seats, I must say I got much more excited than I normally would or should. He talks an awful lot and between the second and third period he randomly came out of the locker room with what me and Anna agree was the ugliest colored polo shirt we had seen, I said it was puke green but I’m the first to admit I have color tint issues, so I believe Anna more when she says it was a baby yellow and had thin blue horizontal stripes.

After the scrimmage in which the blue team lost 2-4 we decided to mosey over to the hallway all the prospects had to go through to get to their cars and watch the super uber fans creep all over them. After a while we were moved down the hallway a bit cause it was kinda crowded right by the gate and none other than Bruce comes up the hallway behind me. As he passes he says “Hello!” with out prompting or anything so we go “Hi!” back rather excitedly and its been decided we will now be best friends and go golfing and make Caddy Shack references all day. I think we got more excited about that than anything else that had happened so far.

Well after watching all the prospects leave and trying to figure out who was who of the prospects we didn’t recognize we walked out to the pro shop area and there’s a table for that smoothie stand that has the Capitals themed cups. I’ve been searching for these cups forever. And they have like twenty thousand (okay maybe like fifteen) on this display table. So I’m very excited cause I think I’m finally going to get one. So I get behind a guy to see if I can buy a cup and the guy asks before I do “How can I get one of these cups?” and Smoothie Lady says “You have to go to the store.” Why? Can’t I pay you like the price of a smoothie and just get the freaking cup? There wasn’t even that particular chain of smoothie store in Ballston mall, ask Anna I dragged her all over the mall to find one. So now me and Smoothie Lady are archenemies.

Speaking of archenemies; as you may or may not know I hate the Washington Post and really dislike Tarik El-Bashir becuase neither can fact check for their lives. Well in the hall way I was leaning against the window of an office when Anna points out she hadn’t noticed someone in the office so I look for a millisecond and see a guy and turn back assuming he’s no one in particular. Well after the guy left Anna points out with a gasp a little sign in front of that guys little part of the desk that says “Tarik El-Bashir Washington Post” EL GASP! My archenemy a mere thin sheet of glass I was leaning on a part from me.

After there was pretty much no more hockey related stuff to do we went into the mall to see if we could rustle up some food (and one of those damn cups) because I hadn’t eaten breakfast and was hungry enough to gnaw through any unattended sticks lying about. Well we’re on the epic smooth cup quest when we see none of than prospect Flemming and some other prospect who I didn’t know wandering around the mall too. We didn’t go up to them or anything but it was pretty cool.

Overall it was just about the best hockey related day I’ve had ever hands down.

Now about the actual prospects who I was impressed by:

Mathieu Perreault was fantastic I want to see him in DC at one point in the season. He’s tiny too. 5’8″ and thin.

Casavant surprised me for being a seventh round pick. He was really good. On a side note the uncanny resemblance to Jose it even uncannier in person.

Finley despite feud with him threw his weight around like he should.

Eakin has speed. Like extremely fast.

Those are the name that stand out in my mind in particular. Carlson seemed to be having an off day and Gus wasn’t able to play due to his face injury from the scrimmage Thursday. Della Rova didn’t play either also due to an injury. Overall the prospects played very well and I’m really pleased with what I’m seeing.

And now some pictures from the day:

Miskovic and another prospect a moment after a small collision

Eakin stretches out during warm-up

Flemming (?) smooshes one of the other prospects in to the boards

The only good thing about this picture is note Brooksie and injured prospect Della Rovere in backround

That’s only a couple but I thought those were the most blog worthy.


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