Finally, after a week of complaining about how I was at writing camp INSTEAD of watching the Development Camp, Meghan and I went to Day 6’s scrimmage, and I only have one word for you: amazing.

It’s good to see that so many of the Capitals prospects are so talented, with bright and shining futures ahead of them. Watching them play, I knew I was watching the shining stars of tomorrow play… Wow, that sounded really lame, but you cannot tell me it ISN’T true. Some highlights of the day were:

  • Getting there at 9:15AM, and getting seats right in front of the glass, right before the curve, on the left side of the rink.
  • Watching Eakin (!), Carlson, Orlov, Wey, Casavant, Kugryshev, and one of my new favourites, Eric Mestery, all playing on the same team, blue.
  • Seeing Brooksy across the rink! I have incredibly crappy pictures :]
  • Hanging around afterwards, seeing all the players, but only taking the time to meet Eakin, and take a picture with him!
  • While hanging out in a random hallway, Boudreau walks by Meghan and I, and says ‘hello’. AND WE DIDN’T EVEN INITIATE THE GREETING!
  • Wandering around the mall, and seeing Flemming and a yet-to-be-determined-prospect, shopping.

It was a good day. Meghan and I will have pictures soon.

– Anna



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3 responses to “Mhm.

  1. hitormiss89

    I didn’t know where to put this, but about Johnny, GMGM says he’s probably not returning.
    Aaaand JEALOUS that you got a picture with Cody Eakin! I think the kid’s a Brooks in training (even the same number).

    • thehockeychronicles

      Thanks, I had pretty much guessed as much after we signed new Morrison but now its offical. Too bad I liked Johnny. -Meghan

    • thehockeychronicles

      Yah, I was so excited! Mhm. I adore the kid. And I agree; it’s so uncanny on how much he reminds me of Brooksy, which is never, ever a bad thing. – Anna

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