And Now He’s Ruin Other People’s Teams…

I told myself I’d take a day off from the blog and of course that’s the day people decide to mention Caps/Former Caps all over the place in stories I just can not keep from commenting on.

Word around to water cooler is that our very own suck monster Nylander may just be one of the reason Tallon former GM of the Black Hawks no longer has a job. Apparently last season around December Tallon tried to make a deal for Nylander by trading then Hawk’s goalie Khabibulin. Well the ‘Hawks president veto’d the trade as he should before such a terrible terrible move for the Hawks could be made. And after that narrowly avoided disaster they were just looking for a reason to fire the ill-fated GM.

And for good reason. That would be the basically best deal GMGM could make ever. I mean sure we’d have another goalie but considering Khabibulin was up for free agency at the end of the season and the fact we’d open up huge cap space if we traded Nylander it be a very very pertinent move. On the ‘Hawks end they’d be screwed even worse than they are right now.

Let’s say we did make the deal here’s how our season might have gone; we would have made playoffs as the same, and lets plausibly assume we would have still pulled Jose in the first round, and that Johnson is still injured, then Khabby would have played goalie, meaning we would have never had the magical moment when our young beast of a goalie united the fans in hope that Jose could have never done but then again if Khabby got injured like he did during the Hawk’s playoff run Varly may have any way. Then Khabby would leave to a different team on UFA day and with much less cap lard who knows what other UFA’s we could have signed or just saved to money for Nicki and Semin.

I wish the deal had gone through. But oh well would-a-could-a-should-a’s. And the natural disaster that is Nylander is messing with other teams now. If he messes with some one in our division (the Penguins) and not with a team I actually like (The Capitals & the Black Hawks) then I could learn to like him agian.

Also to Mr.. Marian Hossa- I have no issues with you but you have got to start filtering your words before they come out of mouth. First the whole Pens to Wing’s wanna go to a team that can win the cup comment (oppsie) and now from the Wings to the Hawks you say it’s great to be in hockeytown. Oh Mr. Hossa you come from Detriot “Hockeytown” USA. I know you don’t mean to sound like such a jerk so like my mom, my teachers, my dad, and about a million other people have said to me so many times take the moment to think the thought through before you open your mouth. So worth it.

Note new header: Blagh or Yay?

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