I’ve Got One Word…

…for you, Brent Johnson:


The PENGUINS?! I mean I understand your departure, and I’m not THAT attatched to you, so it’s fine, but c’mon, man; THE MOTHERFUCKING PENGUINS?! Are you crazy?! They’re like, UGH! Johnny, this is the stupidest move you have ever made, and here’s why:

1. Sidney Crosby plays for the Penguins.

2. In my mind, I believe you’ve left because there is so much rookie talent, and you’re afraid you won’t get to play much, which I understand, but seriously, going to a team with Marc-Andre Fleury is NOT going to guarantee that.

3. Sidney Crosby is the captain of the Penguins.

4. Mario Lemieux is not only the owner of the team, but a major creeper.

5. Crosby is a bitch.

6. Pittsburgh is Satan’s City.

7. Sidney. Fucking. Crosby.

8. Dan Bylsma is a nerd. He is no way as epically awesome as Boudreau.

9. Have I mentioned Crosby plays for the Penguins?

There you go Johnny, way to fucking suck at life. I wish Meghan and I hadn’t been looking so hard for you. Traitor.

– Anna

Postscript: Johnny, Meghan and I may go egg your house.

PostPostscript: And you’re definitely going on my list of hockey players I do NOT like, which like half of your new team is on.

PostPostPostscript: Traitor.

PostPostPostPostscript: My pictures of the scrimmage should be up on Monday, when I will finally have Photoshop, once again, within my grasp.


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