I Don’t Even Have a Name For This Post

I can safely call the Meghan/Joe Finley/Buckey the Badger feud off. Why? Joe Finley and a buddy of no importance to this blog were ARRESTED! Arrested for throwing dinnerware, a kitchen table, and a lawnmower on a to a street off a residential garage at three in the morning. BRAVO! Was I not just talking a few post ago about hockey players who do stupid things like shoplifting, then I told my Cap’s not to do it? Well apparently I needed to be more clear about the prospects too.

Then the pinnacle of stupid-ness Joe Finley showed them a credit card as ID. Well what’s wrong with that Meghan? Nothing if its YOURS. It had someone else’s name on it and he then proceeded to claim it was his own. When he got to JAIL he changed his tune the actually correct one. They don’t think he stole the credit card but as you might imagine have to look in to it. Perhaps the smartest thing he did was stop when the police told him to his friend keep on a runnin’ and is charged with fleeing. I think this quote was a lovely little gem:

“It was their own property, so there was nobody’s property that was damaged other than their own,” Lund said. “They said they just kind of routinely destroy each other’s stuff.”

Need I even comment? Nothing in the article I read (http://www.grandforksherald.com/event/article/id/127236/) indicated they were even drunk. Joe I know hockey is officially over, I know its a little boring but development camp ended four days ago; it usually takes me at least a week to get to public destruction of my own property.

PS. I miss my sweet little country bumpkin…

Quick note: Fedorov you and your little mirror numbers of your brother (18 to 81) and your I wanted to stay crap disgusts me.


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