Headlines and Thoughts

  • The Cap’s are renewing their contract with the Stingrays to be their affiliate. Yay!
  • I offically just don’t like Malkin at all. I don’t know the interview I read on Yahoo! just kind of made it final no more Malkin for me.
  • HEY! Fedorov knock it off. I read that interview where you talked about how Semin was all ‘please stay’ and you were all ‘I gots to go’ and then your all like ‘the only way your playing with me agian is in Russia’. Oh no you didn’t! Don’t even put that thought in his head. I will have none of it! You stay away from our Semin! Or I will come to Russia personally and kick your butt.
  • Speaking of Fedorov he is sueing a man for money he invested back in 1998. 40 + million at the time. Good job buddy.
  • You know I still have not managed to come up with a nickname for Brendan Morrison? I came up with more nicknames for people who already have nicknames but I’ve yet to get one for him? And, pride will no longer allow me to take the suggestions I’ve gotten. It’s a challenge now.
  • Nicki’s brother Kristoffer is playing in Germany now instead of Sweden? Come to America Kristoffer puh-lease!
  • I think this weeks Snapshots with Joe Finley may have to been poorly timed. 
  •  Thank you NHL.com for refering to Mr.Ambassador and Semin and the other Russians on the top ten list as Russian Dolls. I will be calling them that. It sounds like a Russian punk band. For next seasons promo video a cover of Personality Crisis? Drag is optional.

Dear Filatov,

I heard that the KHL is flirting with you. While now you are still under contract I have to ask you to please stay with the Jackets. You really may be their only hope in the next couple years. They really need that Russian skill set to Rick Nash’s play making skills. Plus I found out that until your twenty eight your RFA and in the words of the KHLPA chief ‘belong to their team’.


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