Welcome Knuble, Welcome

Even though the new season hasn’t begun and Mike Knuble has yet to play in Red, White, and Blue, I’m glad he has come to Washington. Statistically, he’s obviously a decent player, but I think what has gotten me excited about Knuble is not from statistics, but from the interviews he’s been doing as his time in DC draws closer.

Knuble seems to be a perfect fit to ‘Rock the Red’, and will, if you ask me, compliment our already outstanding team. He brings seniority and experience we lost when Feds and Kozzie (*grumbles*) left for the KHL, but he also brings an excitement. When a player reaches the later stages of his career, they seem to lose some of the passion and fervor they had when they were just getting started, so when they’re traded, said player just goes through the motions, but Knuble doesn’t seem that way. He seems genuinely excited to come to Washington and play, which makes me excited.

I have based my assumptions on the following interviews:

Anyway, the point of this is, I’m glad Knuble is now a part of Washington, and I, and hopefully you, welcome him with open arms.

– Anna


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