Say It’s So SAY IT’S SO!

  • Via Dmitry Chesnokov, local DC sports journalist and connection to KHL, reports today that Micheal Nylander, AKA the Most Hated Man in DC Sportsdom, is still in negotiations with the KHL! I don’t care if its even “allowed” or not. Several bloggers think that most likely he’ll come to camp and see how that looks and if Bruce still gives him the cold shoulder or not and then decide from there. SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!
  • If the KHL takes Nylander off our hands I’m going to have to take the EVIL part of the KHL category and put wonderful.
  • The team isn’t planning on punishing Joe Finley which is no biggie.
  • I find several blogs obssession with taking pictures of people with Cap’s themed liscenes plates slightly what might you call it?… Oh yeah creepers.  
  • If you don’t know who Gerry Dee is one your American, two your life is about to get a little brighter. Watch him interview Gretzky and accuse him of stealing his nickname.
  • Looking at the Nike Training website  to see who they had from the NHL for promotion made me think of this video from two summers ago:

  • I like the fact that it appears at least two summer ago he still lived with his parents in his old room which is adorable.

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