A Little Music For Your Monday

As you may or may not be aware there was a little what I call “Ovechkin-paloza” for lack of a better term rececntly took place and thanks to the Alex Ovetjkin blog we have pictures of the likes of Ovie of course but also Semin and Mr. Fedorov. But also a video of Mr. Ambassador and Semin DJ-ing. Sure their DJ-ing so it can’t be that bad but naturally I was a little trepidatious after having experienced the musical poweress of their two teammates;

Once your dog stops howling in pain at the shrill guitar you can understand how even though I don’t know how you screw up DJ-ing I was nervous.

Why can’t you all just be like Brian Campbell?

If your parents did not go through a ‘We LOVE Canadian bands phase’ when you grew up then you may not know who the Tragically Hip are but trust me Brian Campbell did a pretty good job. And, if you’d like the determine that for yourself.


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