Goats Galore

  • I love picking up the English language Russian news channel RT or Russia Today on my TV but today as I watched the sports report I was greeted with a bit of unfortunate news in an interview Mr. Ambassador says that if not allowed to attend the 2014 Sochi games he fully plans on quiting the NHL. (RT)
  • Are you going on a long trip and need someone to watch your pet goat? Perhaps you are temporally residing in a non-goat friendly residence? Did you parent realize that bleating noise coming from your room isn’t a new ring tone on your cell phone? Why call Alex Ovechkin! Want to know more? You know you do! Alex Ovetjkin Blog
  • It seems the Ovie new has no bounds today; To contradict the first remark when asked to comment on Mr. Fedorov and Viktor ‘goat man’ Kozlov he said that he would not be returning to the KHL unless there was the event of another lock out. Or, of course the Sochi olympics thing but he didn’t mention that again. And any how if you find the video (it’s out there somewhere but I can not find it right now) I feel like the reporter baited him into saying that first Sochi remark in the first place.
  • A couple post ago I introduced you to Gerry Dee. Now I want to introduce you to another The Score reporter Cabbie. If you don’t know who he is your probably American. Well he is a very cool reporter who is infamous for getting really close to the people he interviews. As you may recall I want to work for this TV station but specifically this man. I will carry his and his crew bags around I don’t care but here he is interviewing our Cap’s during the playoff run. There are three but I will show you my favorite;Learning Swedish. It is hilarious and many a Capital pops up; Brooks Laich, Mo, Nicki, Jose and GMGM kind of pop up the in the background and Jose is looking extra ‘I just woke up’ cranky. Plus I learned some Swedish and when I was watching TV just on Sunday someone said “You are hot” in Swedish and I knew what they said! All because of Nicki and the fact I’ve watched this video a million times.

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