Making Headway

As mentioned before, I live in hockey Siberia. Without Meghan (and this blog) to blather on about  hockey to, I would most likely go insane, especially during the off-season. But now, I am slowly, but hopefully surely, making headway with bringing my family in. And yes, that is quite a big deal.

Yesterday, my sister and I watched Miracle. While I have seen it so many times I can quote it, my sister hadn’t, which is a crime, whether one likes (or obsesses) over hockey or not. Its like Remember the Titans; I absolutely loathe football and all things associated with it, but the movie is amazing. Miracle is just one of those feel good stories of triumph. But anyway…

We were watching the movie, which was broken up by a coffee run at 11 o’clock at night, and suddenly, taking me COMPLETELY by surprise, my sister starts asking me questions ABOUT HOCKEY. Yah, I was completely flabbergasted, though I answered eagerly, even to her stupid questions (“Is it already done?” – my sister after the first period of the Soviet vs USA game; “noooo, the period just ended” – me; “oh” – her). And in the end, she actually seemed intrigued by the game, asking questions about the positions, lingo, etc. It was refreshing to not be criticized for once.

Soon, I hoping to drag her to a game, with the bait of “but hockey players are CUTE!”. I’ll keep you updated.

Also, my pictures from the scrimmage should be up by Wednesday XD

– Anna

POSTSCRIPT: Man, now I really wanna watch Miracle again…

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