Just a Little Advice

  • Snapshots this week; Dads talking about getting ‘the call’ Mike, Stecks, Poti, & Boyd’s; I like to see how much they seem like their dads. Now all we want is the Mom’s telling very embarrassing stories from their childhood. Snapshots
  • And heres a little surprise Alexander Semin being candid.Alex Ovetjkin Blog
  • Party planning tip of the week; When planning a shingdig for oh say Matt Cooke and the Stanley Cup you should always make sure the two guests of honor were actually invited. Instead of just you know planning a party and parade then getting very upset when he doesn’t show up becuase he went to another town that you know probably actually made sure he got the invite. Just a little tip from your helpful blogger.
  • Also a little journalism no-no Sovetsky Sport; publishing wildely popular hockey stars like oh say Alex Oveckin’s liscenes plate’s numbers in your widely popular newspaper.
  • Milan Jurchina’s arbitration was Tuesday and I meant to write up something but there wasn’t really anything to write up despite my following his agent on Twitter, who did tweet through out the arbitrations thought I promise it was only during breaks between each sides arguements, we should have some sort of desicion soon at the latest by tommorow.

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