Catching Up

At this very moment I’m supposed to be reading and writing an essay about the current creativity crisis in America in preparation for class in three weeks. Stimulating stuff I know but I decided education be damned;

  • First I will do something you will not see ever again I will now applaud a Pen’s fan. A particularly crafty one did the old attach your self to someones who’s actually supposed to be there and got not only on the post Stanley cup celebration ice but into the locker, took some pictures with the guys, RAISED the Stanley cup, and pretended to be one of the players relatives.. As someones whose used that trick in smaller scale things like lines for amusement park rides I applaud you sir I do however say your lucky your Crosby jersey didn’t tip someone off seeing as the relatives usually wear the jersey of the player their related to.
  • I do not applaud security at the game.
  • I also do not applaud the fact that now that you used that trick I have to come up with a new one because surely the security will be on to it now.
  • A belated birthday shout out to Evgeni Malkin whose birthday was on the 31st I didn’t post that day cause it was my birthday.
  • Juice arbitration ended in a ruling of 1..3 million dollars for a year. I have two bones to pick; 1. The decision was handed down after midnight which I’m pretty sure breaks some rules 2. While I love Juice I think that is just a bit more than he’s worth.
  • Did you hear the one about the AHL beat writer and the prostitution ring? Oh wait that isn’t the start of a joke that’s a true story…
  • A healthy does of delayed karma was almost doled out on my head when for no logical/laws of science abiding reason the little plastic Cap’s helmet I have from a few seasons ago when I lied about my age on “kids get free sundaes” day fell of the shelf it was on missing my head by centimeters while I was asleep. The noise of plastic narrowly avoiding smacking my face woke me up of course.

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