Learning the Meaning of Awkward Silence

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t find many silences awkward seeing as I’m not very loquacious to begin with however today I certainly did learn that my father and I have very little to talk about during the summer. A good twenty minute silence only broken by the sound of my spoon scraping the side of the cup I was eating ice cream out of when I went to get said ice cream with him today made me realize that hockey is pretty much the only thing we have to talk about. And I sure as hell wasn’t bringing up this Ovechkin interview (Puckdaddy) I mean besides the even more awkward silence that would follow my bringing this up, which would be unbearable, but also my dear father loves Ovie he has a full fledged man crush on our number eight and I just couldn’t ever bring myself to ruin the man’s perception of his hero as a, collective sigh here, man whore, and while I have no problem with this, it would just break his little heart.

I of course could not bring up that AHL beat writer and the prostitution ring either in that case. Hockey news has been rather unsavory lately hasn’t it? Idle hands and all that I suppose. I couldn’t bring up my obsession and plans to be best friends with/marry some of the players which would be just as awkward as the other two things.

I had unfortunately already brought up the Milan Jurchina arbitration last conversation we had.

I could have always fallen back on some good old Penguin’s bashing, a noble and always appropriate past time in my family the second being making fun of Jose Theodore, but my heart wasn’t really in it.

However I finally I gave up and we went our separate ways.

In other news the NHL sent out a memo saying that they would not honor the contract of any player that is injured during Olympic camps. Yikes none of the guys need to get injured any way or I’ll be hopping mad come October any how. But, also the NHL has informed teams to suspend and not pay any player injured in summer Olympic orientation camps. I know some camps won’t even have on ice activities to begin with but I find this measure a little strict on the part of the NHL. (If your wondering what my source is its Allan Walsh agent of Milan Jurchina among others. He tweeted these developments through out the day today)

Versus is broadcasting the Men’s roller hockey championships the 29th. A god send fix in the middle of the summer, no?

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