Throwing Stones

A lot of you have probably read the Varlamov interview in which he says American girl’s aren’t fashionable because it caused quite the internet sensation today. I don’t mind he said this because I think most people in general are unfashionable. I myself have been an offender at times. What I am going to do is say what popped in my mind when looking at the picture accompanying said interview;

Are we blading over to a Foreigner concert?

Glass houses. Semyon, glass houses. The first thing I thought of when I saw his shirt was Jeff Corwin. If you don’t know who Jeff Corwin is he was the like the American crocodile hunter and I watched his show religiously in the fifth grade. Jeff Corwin always wore shirts like that with kakis and even now that its years later and he has a show on the Food Network he still dresses like he’s getting ready to wastle some crocodiles.

Then there’s the fact he has it tucked in. I leave that with no comment.

Then I saw the jeans. Acid wash jeans Semyon? Are we going to a Foreigner concert?

Add that to the inline skates and I feel like I’m having major ninties flashbacks. Semyon if your idea of high fashion is what I wore in the ninties I am going to have to track down some adult size footie pyjamas because that was what I wore a lot when I was five. I wonder if I can still find some with Simba from the Lion King on them?

Now that Tim Gunn has stopped crying I think you need to go make it work before we start throwing stones.

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