Huzzah! Our Hunderth Post!

That’s right even though I said I wouldn’t post for the weekend unless something happened to the Cap’s truly interesting I couldn’t help myself because I wanted to be the one who can say years later when I’m old and decrypted that I posted the blog’s hundreth post.

Thank you to Anna for calling me out on my ice skating skills, you should all remind her I am her elder by a whole week and she should respect me as the wise Confucius figure that I am, I have never put an ice skate in my entire life. I remember once I was invited to a party at an ice rink when I was like seven and I was very excited. Well I got there and they just had the kids running on the ice with sneakers and like drifts of shaved ice from the Zamboni. I was very upset and told the birthday boy or girl, I don’t recall I wasn’t their friend after that, to have a suckish birthday.

I’ve been told its a bit like in line skating and, move over Semyon, I am the shit at in line skating or roller blading I used to have a pair of the old style four wheel ones for a long time. Then again I was told it wasn’t anything like in line skating so I’ll have to find out, eh?

I am going to applaud Japers Rink for when they referred to Mr. Ambassador’s new tattoo as a tramp stamp I burst out laughing so much so that the people I was with who did not realize I was checking Twitter literally thought I was demented. Because if you think about it the tattoo is very much sort of a tramp stamp… at least its not a butterfly… Oh? Wait its Japanese script? Oh vey…

PS. Now they have to re-do the tattoo video. Or maybe they can just super impose Mr. Ambassador over Donald and kept the rest like it was.

I had took a fairly long car drive today and I got stuck behind the slowest car on a back road who despite there being no one in front of them had to be going 10 under the speed limit and the only quote that popped into my mind was the one from a Mr. Ambassador interview where he mentions in Russia if people drove like that they would get shot. True that Ovie, True that. I miss crazy European drivers very much at times like that. It even makes up for the usual complete disregard for red lights and cross walks but then again I’m from Boston and if there is one town that disregards red lights more…

Well thats a bit of rant I do apologize being stuck in the car for six hours does not agree with my temperment especially when I get mountain-sick.


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