New Nickname Alert!

With NHL hockey news at its slowest I was quite pleased to see a few interesting tidbits in the headlines this morning.

The challenge has finally ended I will be refering to Brendan Morrison as Bear Grills from now on. Or just Bearsie. Bearsie is doing a charity event with that guy from Survivorman in the Canadian wilderness. Let’s just hope Bearsie doesn’t get eaten by a grizz-ah-ly bear. Can we subsitute Jose? Only if grizz-ah-ly bears are guranteed…

GGBR9_s.jpg I can’t believe there is actual bear repellent!

Henrik Zetterberg and Nicki played a charity event and Nicki’s team won. I mean I like Henrik and his beard which depending on the mood reminds me of both a swedish Gorton’s fisherman or an eighteen hundreds strangler but I’m glad Nicki’s team won for the obvious reasons and I guess when I’m not being over competitive everyone wins in charity… Nicki won, Nicki won…


I am very glad my personal favorite Hershey Bear Alexandre Giroux is coming back after a record breaking season in the AHL. I was hoping he’d be able to come up to the NHL permantly but with the cap space it not in the cards but its a one year two-way contract so whats there to complain about?

Got a long weekend ahead so unless something interesting towards the Cap’s pop up I bid you all a good weekend and a break from my babbling.

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