A Sad, Sad Day for Buffalonians

According to Puck Daddy, Kaner and his cousin were arrested this morning for assulting and robbing a cab driver. The scoop is that he didn’t have TWENTY FUCKING CENTS to give back to the two of them, so they decided to STEAL back the rest of their money… It was fifteen bucks.

Kaner, you make fucking $875,000 a year, which will surely increase soon, considering you’re a valuable player. Your salary is $800,000 more (and then some) than what MY PARENTS make combined. And you’re a twenty-year-old; my parents are 53/54. You seriously cannot spare 20 cents? Really?

I can honestly say I did not see this coming. I did not see Kaner getting arrested, especially for something so stupid. At least Jordan Staal got arrested for something half-way understandable (who doesn’t drink underage?), but darling, stealing fifteen bucks and punching a cab driver? In Buffalo? It makes you look like a baby…and a douchebag.

Dear Patrick Kane,

You, sir, are an idiot. You’re giving us Buffalonians a bad name. You have shamed a city that gave us Buffalo Wings, M&T Bank, the windshield wiper, Buffalo Zoo – the third oldest zoo in the US, the Buffalo Sabres, Cute is What We Aim For, Every Time I Die, and so much more… The 716 is permanantly stained by your stupidity.

– Anna

Something tells me Tazer would not approve of this.


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