Gross Stuff

I am going to reserve my judgment of Patrick Kane and his whole situation until the story comes out in full… if it ever does. I’ve read the news post, saw the picture below (Side note: ewww what the hell Kane why do you look like your a crappy eighteen hundreds outlaw) and heard the rumors and I am usually the first person to jump the gun and make wild accusations. I have the nagging feeling this time however something is wrong with this one; either in that its a misunderstanding or that its only the beginning of something so, so very much worse.

Patrick Sharp; I heard he’s getting married? Any one know if that’s right? If so congrats! Now I have to walk away from the computer to keep the river of tears from ruining my key board. Just kidding Sharpster if its true its probably about bloody time. If not well keep single buddy married people are highly over-rated.

Not so Dear Blackhawks at the moment,
I just don’t know with you kids anymore. I don’t know what to do with you! You summer completely bites and as your kind of sometimes, only sort of likes you every once in a while fan I just don’t know what to do or how to react. You guys better get your shit together Kids. I had it Hawks/Caps for the finals this upcoming season but I don’t know anymore.

All I know is when your Toews gets home you all are in SO much trouble

Dear Readers,
I apologize to myself and everyone for ever coming to sort of almost liking Jose Theodore after game seven it was very wrong of me he is just as terrible as I thought except now its not just as a player its as a person. He is gross a gross-y gross gross face and if he is out there I hope he knows it. He is disgusting. Gross Blech.


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