Ohhhh Vey and Some Funnies

Imagine the nerve of someone who likes you team who is vaguely famous giving free promotions of your sports team in the way of a song and wearing your teams jersey. THE NERVE! Oh jeez Carolina Hurricanes are suing a local hip hop artist in their town for using the name of their team in a song and wearing their jersey of their team in his pictures. Shame on a fan wanting to show his love for his team through his music. All because its in a way that suggested he affiliated with team. Boo! Imagine if some one like the Yankees or the Red Soxs or the Cowboys sued every hip hop artist or vaguely famous person who wore their jerseys or hats. What about us? We have that DC band who made that song about the Cap’s (not a particularly good song but they tried) or that hip hop artist who mentioned Ovie in one of his songs, or the song called Ovechkin by the pummeler or that parody of the good old hockey song on You tube. Personally I think that its crap their suing him.


There’s the address for the entire story.

Now for the Funnies;


A letter to Pat Kane from the Punch in the Face blog.

I’m going to put up some pictures later that should give you a chuckle but I’m having technical difficulties right this moment so you’ll have to wait in the edge of your seats until then.

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