Goalies Goalies Goalies

  • We have a new goalie coach who from what I’ve read seems like a good choice. He even speaks Russian which will come in handy.
  • Apparently Brent Johnson was at Kettler this morning in a Penguins practice jersey… BUT WAIT put down your pitchforks! He had it inside out to be respectful. Even then I still covered my face with my hands after I read that.
  • Bruce says that Jose will be number one going in to camp… uh duh… no matter how much Varlamov is the chosen one or whatever its Jose’s right to fight to keep the spot and Varlamov to fight to take it. UPDATE: I wanted to add more to this point. I mean sure I hate Jose probably more that most anyone but its just how hockey is and is one of the things I love about hockey every one has their spot and have to fight to keep it and everyone else has to fight to take it away. And as much as I think Varlamov is a great goaltender a bunch of fantastic playoff games does not a 50 plus regular season goalie make. And my saying this doesn’t mean I think Jose is going to keep the #1 spot or even deserves it because I don’t think he does but it doesn’t make it any less so that Varlamov has to fight for the spot.
  • Millionaire is still on TV? Huh… http://voices.washingtonpost.com/dcsportsbog/2009/08/ovechkin_makes_millionaire.html
  • *NEW* DC Cheapseats I both scold that you distracted me with your questionnaire and applaud you for distracting me with your questionnaire. Fill it out here: http://www.dccheapseats.com/?p=2462

    Not much in hockey news and I’m supposed to be doing AP work so if theres anything more to add through out the day I might.

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