Whose Eating Apple Pie Now?

Lately we’ve heard an awful lot about the guys who have started training. Brian, Mr. Ambassador, Semin, Varlamov, and even that used to be Caps is now a Penguins goalie guy which got me thinking this;

Dear Hockey Gods,
Please Please Please let Nicki be keeping in shape! It was terrible last year when he came back all unconditioned and everyone was making fun of him and saying he was slow. I thought he was about normal speed but it didn’t stop everyone and their grandmother to keep from making fun of him. All I wanted to do was jump up and defend him a little. I mean sure I’ve been known to refer to him a fudgeball every once in a blue moon but in an affectionate way more a comment on what I think his demeanor is like not his physique. So I just really hope he’s keeping in shape cause I can’t stand another round of make fun of the team’s ‘summer chubster’ again if its him. Other wise its basically open season on the ‘summer chubster’.

Also I guess since Kane got arrested even if, and by if I mean when, he comes off this sunny side up his reputation is ruined so there a vacancy for the ‘All-American: apple pie, baseball cards, love his mom’ hockey player. I mean we’ve got the ‘All Canadian: maple syrup, mooses, loves his mom’ hockey player in Sidney Crosby and the ‘All Russian: Borscht, loves his mom and some other russian-y stuff’ in Mr. Ambassador so who does America get now? Who is the hockey player who represents us in the NHL now that baby-faced Kane literally is ‘Baby-Face’ Kane from Chicag-ah?



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2 responses to “Whose Eating Apple Pie Now?

  1. hitormiss89

    Matt Gilroy, even though he’s 25.

  2. Ted

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