Someone Has a Twinnnnnn

Summer has proven to be the worst time for television. Not only is there no hockey, but VH1 has deemed it fit to release a slew of their high-quality dating shows. I’m sure you’re wondering, ‘Anna, what the hell does this have to do with hockey? Did they give Sean Avery a show?’ And while that would be simply amazing and I would totally watch him make an ass of himself, that is not the case. Actually, this particular post has to do with a contestant on the newest show Megan Wants a Millionaire

Meet Alex. He’s 32 and has a network of $3.5 million. Now, does he look familiar to you?


Here, let me add this other visual aid…

I wonder if our adorable little Mo is aware of the fact that he has a twin! And a fame whore at that! Ohhhhhh, the wonders of television.

– Anna


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