This Is What Happens When It’s August

So today I was being a good student working on an assignment and on the table I was sitting at was a stack of books of assorted titles and genres I had pulled off my shelf, at one point over the past year I guess, and never put back. And I noticed the 07-08 official guide of the Washington Capitals in that stack. Hmm, read about allusion in literature written by a man who seriously write as if I have never read a book in my life that didn’t have pictures or read an outdated guide to the Washington Capitals… bet you know what I chose.

I’ve completely forgotten some of the players we’ve had on the team recently as two seasons ago; like I had to look up what the hell happened to Ben Clymer (KHL if your interested) and I have almost completely forgotten Steve Eminger ever played with us. Maybe because I was only here for about two, three (time travels so fast I have no idea how long I’ve been living in the Cap’s area) years of Glen Hanlon but he coached us for four years? Why did management ever let that happen?

So I had never really read the little personal profiles of the players in here I had only ever used it to look up stats and such but I did this time and I learned some interesting tid-bits:

* It seems like half the Cap’s players first jobs were as paper boys. Except for Matt Bradley who was a bag boy
* Juice wants to be an architect? Interesting I would not peg most hockey players as would be architects. What other wonders hide behind that eagle nose of his?
* Apparently the sport of squash… what exactly is squash? I’ve never been very clear on that particular sport. Well Juice likes to play it and he was about the only one who didn’t say golf so good for you sir.
* I particularly was surprised and amazed and intrigued by Semin’s personal section; “Last name is pronounced SEH-min.”… seriously that’s it! That is all his personal profile said!
* Mo was a landscaper as his first job? I think some ones just pizzazing up I mowed my neighbors lawns.
* Lots of Gladiator, Braveheart, and the Patriot as favorite movies all safe manly movies but there were a couple interesting ones; Super Bad is apparently Mike Green’s favorite, great choice in my opinion, Poti likes Slapshot, glad someone had the fore thought to say a hockey related movie, Nicki likes a movie called Hardball, I’ve never heard of it so I Barnes and Noble’d it and its a baseball movie.
* I’m frankly am glad Brent Johnson is no longer on our team because as I just found out one of his favorite shows is Rock of Love I frankly what to throw my shoe at him and tell him he’s a thirty something year old man get a real show to watch. And now I can do it and not feel guilty cause he is a Pen.
* Jeff Shultz reads? A hockey player reads? An adult male READS? Angels and Demons? Dude seriously I applaud.
* One of Nicki’s favorite food is chicken and rice? Me too!
*Is it a Canadian or a hockey player thing to like salmon an awful lot? Why not just say fish? Very specifically several players said salmon. Odd.

I then proceed to the stat pages for the team and leaders in the different stats and other such sections:
* We couldn’t have choose a picture of Mr. Ambassador with his tongue in his mouth for the team history page for the 05-06 season?
*For 85-86 there’s a picture of Craig Laughlin and we couldn’t find one where he looks highly confused?… no seriously could you guys? I love the man but he seems confused an awful lot (And I quote from memory of his saying this “I need to brush up my Canadian”)
* What’s up with the last page of the book being a full-page color picture of Olie? Foreshadowing or are there always a picture like that of a player at the end of the official guides? This is the only one I have unfortunately.

And that is pretty much what happens when a hockey fan is sitting in August trying to force them selves to get some work done. Sad and a little frightening.


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