So last week or so I commented on Varlamov and his unfashionable Americans comment and his own outfit which was horrid. This week however Japer’s Rink brought us an interview with the heartbreaking (?) news that Cookie Monster and his “true love” are no longer together. Oppsie!

Not to be a jerk but American girls seem very nice right now huh? Okay to be a jerk. If your reading this Semyon I hope my scathing remarks in your fashion had nothing to do with it.

Okay enough vindictive American ash dancing. I don’t usually care about hockey players personal lives but I was a bit sour after what he said be it true or not. I like Semyon and all but he came off a big jerk and after trying to find a way to blame Jose I came to the fact that Varls was being a jerk. Also on a jerk note better now than during the season.

But, Semya all can be forgiven I guess. And don’t let it affect your play I expect you puppy-dog smile and all on October 1st.

Do I need to give the other fish in the sea pep talk? I’m sure Ovie already did.

Okay now that I’ve made myself look like a jerk or having ‘pulled a varly’ I let this story go.

Ps way not to mention Semin as one of your friends in self same interview. Do you all not get along or is he just being an emo kid?… As usual.


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