Worshipping a Giant Lizard…

I have only ever really like one player not because their on my team, not just because they have skill, not because they are good looking or have a good personality but for the pure fact they were every thing I thought a hockey player should be and I had an unsettling love for, as in I wished this man was my uncle sort of love and that players name was Olaf Kolzig. That’s right not Fedorov. I liked Fed’s. I adored Fed’s. I had a slight crush on Fed’s which is disturbing because he’s old enough to be my dad but I HERO WORSHIP Kolzig.

I adore Olie. I named a pet after Olie AFTER he left that is how much I like Olie. Yes that is slightly disturbing; yes I call a cat Olie; yes that makes me sound insane but that is the kind of love I have for our goalie.

And now I heard he’s retiring. Yes Olie retire and join your fellow hockey gods in the hockey partheneon.

Why do I hero worship Olie? He swore, he had anger mangement issues; smashing sticks and trashing excerise bikes. But yet he was still one of the good guys. Classy. Good to his teammates and fans alike. He was no Sean Avery even if Olie was infamous for his ‘make a salior blush’ infused rants.

It is impossible to explain why I hero worshipped a goalie even when he was getting rusty. Maybe having a father whose first man crush was on Olie did not help but Olie was golden in my family. I fought my dad on who got the Kolzig jersey… he won… I’m still bitter and have yet to get a jersey for the pure fact I don’t know who I would get on the back now that Kolzig is gone. (and that fact I am too broke to afford one but I digress)

Yes the way he left was not a happy time in my household. And is the main reason I hate Huet more than just about any person in the hockey league.

And I still adore Olie. I hope if he become a coach like I think he should and joins the Capital’s staff. And I will always think of him as a Capital.

I think of Olie not even as a real person sometimes if that makes sense. He is a gold standard by which I will measure not only all goaltenders, Jose NO! Varly looks good so far, but team leaders by. There is perhaps only one goalie who I think is almost as good as Olie in skill, leadership, and personality and that is Henrik Lundqvist.

And I would defend Olie agianst anyone saying something bad agianst him. The Capital Letter Blog? Oh yeah I don’t like you because you said you didn’t like him. In fact I felt an inkling of hate for that blog when I read that.

Sure towards the end he was rusty. He was still a good goalie! I think maybe he set the bar a smidgens too high and when he feel a little under it people got over excited to say he was washed up. He wasn’t and if you say that I have little opinion of your opinion.

The verizon center will never feel quite right unless there is the chant of OLIE! buzzing in the rafters to me. Much like the fans of Zubrus who still believe one day he will make his glorious return I had hopes these past two seasons Olie would and now that he is retiring I can saftely feel at peace that this is one dream of mine that might be a little more possible.

Olaf, Olie, Kolzig, Godzilla what ever you called him I find it hard pressed for you to disagree he was a class act, a feel good story, and a great goalie.


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