Living Up to Our Title

I have a new favourite Blackhawk!

Kris Versteeg, a Canadian winger who sports the number 32. I have acknowledge him on the ice, but never off. After today, I will do no such thing ever again, and it is all because of this:

And while this is old news and completely irrelavant to anything important in the hockey world (besides obvious adoreable-ness), I’m just living up to mine and Meghan’s title.

– Anna


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2 responses to “Living Up to Our Title

  1. hitormiss89

    Oh God. I remember watching that. I don’t really like her, but she does get funny stuff out of the Hawks. Have you seen the one where she asks about his favorite nicknames, and he tells the story about his grandma yelling “GO BITCH GO!” ? Hilarious.

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