So this morning I got on the blog to see the spambot had grabbed a comment that it deemed spam and was awaiting instruction whether to destroy or to let live. Preparing myself to have a romping good time and to shout ‘Spambot DESTROY’ at the computer as usual upon seeing a spam comment for male enhacment or whatever you dirty spammers put upon my website I saw something quite different:

Submitted on 2009/08/18 at 3:13am
Congratulations! Our selection committee compiled an exclusive list of the Top 100 Chicago Blogs, and yours was included! Check it out at


Whose Eating Apple Pie Now?
1 #

It was that comment informing me that our blog had been selected as on of the top one hundred blog about… CHICAGO? Yes quite I was confused also. SPAM! I thought. A scam to get me to click and it will take me to a website about some Tansanian prince wanting to give me money but I clicked and saw that it looked legit.

Well anyone can make a website look legit so I perused and the more I saw the more I realized it really does look legit. Someone choose my post ‘Whose Eating Apple Pie Now?’ which mentions Pat Kane and the Blackhawks to be on people’s reading lists when looking for Blackhawks news.

Perculiar I thought. I clicked the about page and it listed the critera to be selected. One thing however caught my eye. Now I’m about to blow the whistle on myself so I’m going to put the badge up right this second so you can’t take it away once I say the next thing:

We don’t fit one of the critera and that is having a year of stat history… opps our four month anniversary is coming up soon.

Well I thought this does seem legit. I wonder how many blogs get chosen this is supposed the be selective but a lot of people call things selective. I should be flattered either way but if you reader also have a blog and have gotten selected for self same award I should like to know either way.

While this still doesn’t explain why this has to do with us being a good blog for Chicago or even the Blackhawks or even PK I suppose being chosen about anything to be the best of permitting its not negative is pretty cool. And it does look and feel and smell legit so there is little I can say beside yay! for us. This is quite the honor.

Welll this is quite the morning for me I suppose seeing as it seems legit here is the page our post is on if you don’t believe me;

Well my perplexing saga over I now have something actually related to the Washington Capitals to say;

Boyd Gordon apparently had just as hard of time as many fans did getting on after game seven. Now usually I can’t bring myself to read the Washington Post but it was about Gordon who I think is massivly underated so I read any how… Bruce calls Gordon his “security blanket”. I could die of how adorable that is. I just imagine Bruce having a bad day puttering around Kettler looking for his “securtity blanket” to cheer him up.

I adore Gordon so I thank you Bruce for giving me a more unique nickname to call him than Gordo.


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