Summer coming to a quick a jarring hault for some of us this week as we prepare desperatly for the resuming of classes monday I also start worrying over something new recently;

Who will be the ‘summer chubster’?

Thats right you guys know there is always the one guy who didn’t practice and ate a lot of cheese puffs and comes back a little more round than last time we saw them. Last summer it was Nicki. I think it’s going to be Jose this year. Anna said she thinks it might be Semin.

It’s like a bad betting game this ‘summer chubster’ business. I think its going to be Turkey Neck because someone was obviously eating out their feelings at the end of last season hence the new nickname. I have a feeling he spent his summer on his couch eating potato chips and muttering about how he isn’t appreciated enough to himself. Not that he’s all that important and I am always welcome to a new fudgeball on the team permitting it doesn’t get out of hand.

I don’t know why anyone would think it would be Semin besides the slightly disturbing information he eats when ever and what ever he wants in his last and only (?) interview this summer.

Eating whatever you want is fine and dandy when your like myself and you (and you job) have no particular vested interest in your health. Or maybe he’s like a lot of people, including myself, with those crazy high metabolisms so its unhealthy to not eat when ever you want/need to.

Whatever he looks normal and healthy non-‘summer chubster’ size in the photo in the post below so I still have my money on Jose.

I guess will find out first practice and heres to hoping it isn’t to bad. Which brings to mind when is that? They have not released the date yet as far as I know. I have a few none hockey events to attend in Sept. so it’d be convient to know what is when.

I took at look at the stats of our defence men from last season because an article on Japer’s Rink about zone shifts which was extremely interesting and you should definatly read it. Had me thinking about it and may I say DISMAL. As someone whose always defended our defence as not as bad as eveyone says it is I can honestly say stats in certain areas are gross. However I now don’t understand while people don’t like Jeff Schultz he was probably our second best defence men.

Either way I will certainly being touching back on the subject in another post peferably not on a day where all I have had to eat is many cups of coffee, out of my Wash Caps mug of course, and pizza. (It’s for brunch and dinner now!)

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