Just Sit Right Back And You’ll Hear a Tale, a Tale of a Faithful Trip

Okay I know I’m a bit behind on the whole Mr. Ambassador visiting Semin thing but I’ve been working on my summer assignments, NO way Meghan, your probably saying, you work before the very last minute?!, but yes I was. So;

Honestly is there any thing cuter than a bromance? And Ovie/Semin is quickly becoming just as cute as other great bromance: Laich/Green, Churchhill and Roosevelt, House/Wilson, Sean and Gus. If you don’t know who the last two are it makes me realize I watch too much TV.

They went yachting, I emphasis because you have to say it like you make a million dollars, which makes me both think of them in cute yachting clothes or like Gilligan and the Skipper… Tell me that didn’t make you smile come on.

If you don’t know what a bromance is for shame; urban dictionary it.

Not much other hockey news. It’s still August. I’m actually looking forward to the roller hockey championships the 27th on el Versus a lot more than I normally would.

When is first practice!? I really need to know! I’ve got a lot of stuff going on in September and my mom will strangle me if I even contemplate skipping a family function everyone going to for hockey. Dead and six feet under sort of strangle. Not even envoking her favorite Capital Brooksie aka Cougar Bait would save me.


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