End of Summer Video Palooza

Well it may not be the end of summer for you reader but for us here at the Chronicles Monday means no more summer for us. So to celebrate the only good thing about school which is that it means we are just that much closer to fall and hockey season I present you with End of Summer Video Palooza. And when I say palooza I’m very serious this is a LOT of videos! And in case your thinking ‘Hey stupid if its Monday then Sundays your last day of summer not today.’ I would agree but it would be the last day if I had done my assignments before hand instead of waiting for Sunday to cram. So here we go:

I know you all have probably seen this video but its one of my absolute favorites. Bruce’s kid is the cutest thing ever. He is also the luckiest kid ever.

Does anyone find the arguement between Green and Stecks about getting dumped slightly disturbing? But, completely adorable. Cougar Bait gets all bashful when Brady asks him about being well cougar bait is too funny.

Two kids reenacting famous fights including the most amazing slap fight ever AKA one of the top ten moments in Meghan’s life AKA Marc Staal v Alex Semin

Cabbie learn Russian from Semyon. Word of Warning: If you do NOT want to see Ovechkin scantly clad for any reason I don’t recommend this video.

Kris Versteeg doesn’t know a lot of words;

Thank you, thank you, thank you sweet jesus you said ‘under age’ when Miley Cyrus’s picture came up.

I found this video one time looking for a Cabbie as in the reporter video but I got a Nike commerical about a Goalie cab driver.

My favorite line is “Its hot in here!” “Maybe you should take off the mask.” “What mask?”

Gerry Dee ‘discredits’ the myth that hockey players aren’t very smart:

Okay I didn’t know one or two of those but good lord.

IF YOU WATCH ANY of these videos watch this one.

If you watch this video then do not barf and become OUTRAGED you should have.

Sharp and Burrish are hilarous. Word of Warning: If you do NOT want to see Sharp and Burish shirtless I don’t reccomend this video.

Maybe this is why Kane is so angry! Sharp and Burish are always picking on him and Toews!

An old commerical from when Mr. Fedorov was still on the Wings.

These kids are seriously hardcore!… too bad their on the same team!


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