Lots o’ Crap News

The worst part of August is the part where you get lot of little bitty stories but none of them are very important I’m a bit behind on a few of these because of End of Summer Video Palooza so forgive my lateness and this post will be awfully long.

Ovie riding in a double story Hummer limo? Insert Matt Bradley being Captain Planet joke please. So much useless Ovie news so little time. Just go here Alexovetjkin.blogspot.com I’m too lazy to write up my opinion because while I like Mr. Ambassador and he’s a total ham I’m just so sick of hearing about him and his awkward answers; “Where is Ovcehkin mania better US or Russia?” “At my dacha.” Good lord… PS brownie points to me for knowing what a dacha was with out having to look it up. PS its not dirty, surprisingly Meghan does know foreign words that aren’t dirty, its a summer cottage.

Thank the good hockey gods Nicki is apparently training from the rough translation of a interview of some Swedish website. He is apparently training twice a day. Now slow down their Nicksters I love the fact your a fudgeball don’t not get all healthy on us, Swedish Meatball. Glad to see he learned his lesson after last season though.

The Cap’s at School program was announced where teachers can download lesson plans; Chris Clark will be… wait who? Anyway also Matt Bradley will be using his Captain Planet powers to teach kids artsy environmental stuff AKA hippie crap and Mike Green gets to teach the kids how to stay healthy.

Someone, I had never heard of this man he apparently is the host of some show I’ve never seen, said Redwings and Capitals blogger’s have no idea what they are talking about and it was one of his predictions for the up coming season. I predict you sir will still be a douche bag.

So do you all remember ever so long ago back during the Award show time that they had a charity poker tournament. Okay good you do. What the heck happened with that? When will it be on TV?

Candian Olympic camp opened Monday. I have not become entirely sure who I’m rooting for yet. I’m thinking I’ll end up rooting for Russia. Especially since 90% chance its Canada/Russia for gold anyway. I’ve never actually really been big on the Olympics to begin with. Speaking of which I saw this HILARIUS secret transcript of the USA hockey camp on Down Goes Brown: http://www.downgoesbrown.com/2009/08/usa-olympics-hockey-camp.html Go for the Bronze!

I’m sick of Pat Kane, your sick of Pat Kane, we are all freaking sick of Pat Kane but while perusing You Tube the other day I stumbled upon this little reenactment of what happened. Word of Warning; there is some strong language so NSFW and I have yet to figure out why they are all shirtless…

I just found out that Brooks Laich has a younger brother named Jordan. Okay Meghan why do I care? I don’t know reader I don’t know. He doesn’t play profesh hockey or anything and I stumbled upon this but I don’t remember how. It doesn’t seem very news worthy I was just extremely surprised I hadn’t heard this before seeing as MAMT Locker is just a plethora of random information about our boys so usually I know whether some of the boys have siblings or not or something that happened in the third grade or whose dad did what because he is always spouting forth random crap and I’m disappointed that he hadn’t spouted forth that.

So no game for Captials VS. Candians at the Olympic stadium. Not for the same stupid reason as the winter classic. This one makes logical sense. See the CFL (really?) team that plays in the stadium is doing very well and looks as if they will be going far into the off season and therefore there would be no time to properly install ice for a game. Alright I will let this go seeing as it’s not stupid and is actually down right logical even if it is the CFL.


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  1. hitormiss89

    Yes! My Swedish Meatball. (: That video was kinda funny, too.

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