Because the Moustache Just Wasn’t Distrubing Enough On Its Own

So after seeing the absolutely hilarious video of prospect Anton Gustafsson (or Goose) running around in a red cat suit to Eye Of the Tiger in Kettler, in the below post its really a must see, I felt like looking up some other You Tube masterpieces that were hockey related and seeing as all my Psych work was done nothing could stop me!

Well I searched funny NHL and got some great stuff but this one in particular caught my eye for extremely misguided and phobia inducing. We all know I am no Crosby fan but who ever decided this was a funny/good idea was very wrong and actually makes me feel bad, not really but kind of, for Crosballs because he will be known forever as the ‘shower lurker’

… that’s funny? Come on I am freaking terrified of going into a bathroom with a shower now. And I knew he lurked in men’s showers… I had to get one joke in there.

Now this next video I was going to save for a rainy blog day but after seeing the above I really can’t. Now I originally saw the titles Swedish Twins and assuming that because its NHL related it would be the Lundy brothers but no avail… and wouldn’t that have been so much better… or maybe that’s just me… Anyway here you are;

Yes I’m shivering with the disturbed image of the Sendins dancing badly also. However was in charge of this particular ad campaign should not be allowed near any one from the NHL anymore.

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