The Fine Line Between Epic and Fail

Brooks Laich Day in Wawota
Pride of Wawota

Epic Fail:
“While the ultimate success of such efforts and changes will not be known until the Olympic tournament is played in February, the early returns seem good. There was a somewhat lighter atmosphere on the third day of camp — perhaps not surprisingly since the players spent the morning playing golf, fly fishing or simply relaxing.

Crosby was among the handful of guys who took to the river and had the group in stitches because of a casting mishap.

“Sometimes, we can laugh at each other,” said defenseman Francois Beauchemin. “Sid almost hooked himself in the back of the head. That was fun to see.”

Seriously? Come on Cindy. Thank you Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Green Life 52

You see I’m am really cynical and I really need concrete proof and evidence before I believe just about anything especially pertaining to celebrities but this website, this amazingly awkward website, seemed to be BY Mike Green himself. Well not the actual website but you know its about him and has his blog on it. So I need someone who I can not concretely argue with like a actual member of the Capitals administration or Mike Green himself to acknowledge this site in some way before I can take it seriously and even then I will have a difficult time because something about it just gives me the chuckles. The style, the fact its says ‘peace’ at the end of the post, it reminds me of the white kids at school trying to be gangsta or punk who everyone laughs at behind their backs.

Epic Fail
Green Life 52

Yay grammar fail on the first post sir (or madam).Though I have to say the typos in his post make it all the more believable its him. Seriously half way though the short first/only post he, or who ever it is, decides apostrophes aren’t real or something.

Comedy Central for showing Comedy Central Presents: Gerry Dee which was hilarious and I love the story about how someone told his dad if he was going to let his kids play hockey they needed to know who to fight so his dad enrolled him in karate classes because as we all know karate is an extremely useful fight technique on the ice.


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4 responses to “The Fine Line Between Epic and Fail

  1. hitormiss89

    That website is a little hilarious. I definitely tweeted Nate Ewell to see if this is real. Hopefully, he’ll respond. (Hoping it’s not)

  2. thehockeychronicles

    I never even thought to do that. Part of me hopes it is fake and part of me wants it to be real because it so funny. You’ll have to let us know! -Meghan

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