The Hockey Gods Send Their Love

While the Homework Gods have not been so nice to me (taking five AP classes was really a bad idea),  the Hockey Gods have been finally showing their graces. 

As we all know, the dates for Rookie and Veteran camp were announced on Wednesday. Meghan and I had been waiting since April to find out the dates, but when we saw them, we were horrified. Veteran camp is while Meghan’s off in Ohio (and seeing as my parents hate hockey; she’s my ride), and Rookie camp is while we are at school. Obviously, the Hockey Gods seemed to hate us.

But, things are looking up. I was sitting in Statistics on Thursday when I had an epiphany: the seventh is Labor Day! No school! Hopefully, we can go to the first day and get into a sorts of shenanigans like at Development camp *crosses fingers*. And this is not the only good news…

Today, while I was out with my mom, she kept asking me all these questions about the upcoming season (ie: when does it start, how long does the season start, bladdy blah blah), and suddenly, she tells me if I keep working hard in school, she’ll take me (and Meghan) to a few games this season! This is pretty much a big deal, considering the last game I went to was the 06 October 2007 game against Carolina.

So, thank you Hockey Gods; I hope to be hearing from you again soo.

– Anna

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