Chains of Doom, Footy meet Face, Green Is the color of Hot Mess

So has caught on like wildfire and I’d like to think we pushed it along a little. It’s added a lot of flavor to my otherwise boring Sunday watching every ones different reactions, most were amused, some where horrified, a few I believe may have thrown up in their mouths a little but mostly people seem to find it highly amusing. I don’t know if we the Chronicles started this craze but I think we helped start a chain reaction of doom which is totally awesome because I’ve wanted to do that forever. Next on my check list? Start a completely ridiculous trade rumor that some how people believe.

But that wasn’t what this post is about. I like to read as many blogs or websites as humanly possible, for all different teams, written by all sorts, and I was looking for some new Maple Leafs blogs to read to supplement my meager Leafs knowledge. I’ve always meant to learn more about the Leafs because I have a soft spot for them and the fact that seemingly no matter what they do something always goes horribly horribly wrong (like the Browns), well no I take that back its more that I have a lot of love for their fans. Why those poor bastards hang on is beyond me and they all seem to have extremely good senses of humor and they have to seeing as their Leafs fans.

So I stumbled upon a few new blogs but one brought to my attention a new player who has some how flown under the radar up until now


Well who is this adorable young man? Matt Stajan, awesomely difficult last name sir, apparently he has a pension for falling on his face and breaking sticks and like a lot of the Leafs players had very high expectations then got to Toronto and the proceded to stink. And apparently he sprained his face by getting hit by a soccer ball… Are we sure the Leafs aren’t gypsy cursed like Hossa?

No seriously he sprained his face by getting hit by a soccer ball? What was he doing that presented him with a soccer ball hurtling towards his face hard enough to hurt him that it took him out for a couple games?! I mean sure I’ve been hit by a soccer ball in the face before, every kid whose ever played soccer has, but I’ve never seen someone seriously mess up their face enough. I mean I’ve been hit by a basketball in the face, a more than a couple times actually, which is a lot thicker and I never even broke my nose! I mean the only face/sport related accident that caused true damage I’ve had is when I was playing tennis and I got hit in the nose by the tennis ball, thanks DAD, but heck I just popped that sucker back in place and went back home to wash off my face. And I was a thirteen year old at the time. And I’m a girl with little athletic training.

Speaking of the Leafs has there been any word on whether Olie Kolzig is offically retiring or not? I’ve heard rumor and he hasn’t signed with anyone and the season starts in a month or so.

And I’d like to the thank Hockey is My Boyfriend for linking this interview:

Mike Green you are a hot mess! Stop making me love you, then dislike you, then pity you, then love you, then mock you, then love you for letting me mock you, then dislike you, and now I just don’t know. Just get your stuff together you HOT MESS.

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