Oh Captain, My Captain

The new season looms in the distance, a mere thirty-one days away, and camp is even sooner. So, a question we must all ask ourselves is, will their be a change in captaincy? As reminded by Japer’s Rink, Clark was named captain of the Capitals one day before players had to report for camp, so a sudden change is possible. With his wrist surgery in late January, Clark was seemingly absent for the remainder of the season until the playoffs, where he was less-than spectacular. And this wasn’t the first time Clark’s season was interrupted by an injury. Therefore, a question we must all ask ourselves is, should Clark still be captain?

My answer is no. The captain should be someone who has been well enough to play in the majority of the games in the season, because a captain is an important part of the team, and having one who is perpetually injured is not good for the team. But a captain cannot be anyone, either.

My case and point: Ovechkin should never, ever be granted a ‘C’ on his jersey. ‘A’? Sure, but ‘C’? Never is a million, billion years. Ovechkin’s skills are insurmountable, but I do not believe in his leadership abilities. He needs to focus on the game, and rally the team together through his play, not as a captain.

This raises another question: Anna, who do you think should be captain? And my answer is: isn’t it obvious? Brooksy, of course.

Honestly, try to come up with a better captain for the Washington Capitals than Brooks Laich. He’s a good player, who shows up to games, works hard, plays well, and genuinely loves the club. When the Washington Post published an article about Brooksy in March, he had played a consecutive 175 games, a record for the team, and even Boudreau raised the possibility of his future captaincy saying that “Those attributes make Laich a candidate to be a captain some day.”

But I think the most important reason for Brooksy to be made captain is because, as mentioned above, he really cares about the club. We all care about our Capitals, so why shouldn’t our captain be the same way?

“If I asked you about your family, you would talk about them forever because it’s something you love,” Laich said. “That’s the way I feel about this team. This team is my life, and I love playing here and I’m passionate about playing hockey. So it’s easy for me to talk about it.”

Now that I’ve said my piece, feel free to make your opinion heard. It is genuinely wanted. If there is a change in captaincy, who do you think should be appointed?

– Anna


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