A Few Open Letters

I’m writing some letters to people so as to air out some things;

Dear Alex Ovechkin,
You don’t know me but I’m really cranky in the mornings. I mean really cranky and I feel sick if I have to get up before eight so during the school year every morning sucks. It has to do with my metabolism or something but either way I’m just super irratable. So when I saw at six thirty in the morning there was another one of your inteviews I wasn’t terribly enthusatics but I saw it was really short so I just went ahead and read it;
Q: Well who in your team is a young, promising enforcer?
AO: Semin. Have you seen how he fights?
(Read the whole thing on the Ovetjkin Blog)
That is the greatest thing I’ve read all summer. Hands down. Thanks that made my ugly morning much nicer. So even though we’ve had our differences and at one point I’m pretty sure I said I’m sick of every one talking about you and you talking but thats okay now.

Dear Semyon Varlamov,
I’m going to drop some knowledge on your butt.
THIS is what we American’s call the White House:
Our president lives there and he’s a swell fellow named Obama you might remember he mentioned Mr. Ambassador as one of the great Russian during his last trip to Russia.
So when someone says to you after you’ve mentioned you’d like to buy a house in DC “Maybe the White house?” You do not reply “There are a lot of nice house in DC maybe it would be white.” (Once again Ovetjkin blog; I thank you) He is having how you say having a laugh with you. Crack a book dummy.

Dear People of the DC Area more specifically Non-Hockey Fans,
When you see someone with the name Backstrom on the back of their shirt and the number 19 accompanying it do not butcher the name a couple times, finally get it right then ask them “Is that you last name?”
Unless its a fudgeball blond with a Swedish accent the answer will be “No” (and I kid you not some one asked me this today) It is NOT my last name; my last name isn’t changing any time soon. And trust me kid if my last name was changing to Backstrom, for any kooky reason, you all will be the first to hear me screaming “Oh my god!”
Also do not come up to me and say excitedly “THE CAPITALS?!” So I think oh cool another hockey fan! then go “Soccer right?!” Fuck it.

Your Friend and Blogger,


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