Okay so you all know I like to try to keep the girl-y teenage ‘OH he’s cute’ moments down to a minimum because after the first couple times it gets pretty freaking annoying however I just have to bring this up because I was rather caught off guard by this photo from the Russian Olympic camp: (I’m not sure the pictures going to show up my computers wonky today but I found it originally on Puckdaddy, ugh, Puck Headlines for today)

Okay so I scanned this photo looking for familiar faces you know like Pavel, Illya, the two Alexanders, you know the usual suspects. I spotted Mr. Ambassador really easily but I wasn’t seeing any one else. I looked at it a little more carefully because it caught me as surprising Semin wouldn’t be near his BFFF then I realized he was right next to him. Holy crap. Whaaaaat? That’s Semin? Semin? ‘Magic Helmet’ Semin? With out said ‘magic helmet’ looking well… good? I mean I love Semin as a player but as a looker? No. Absolutely not. But, with his hair not a complete mess he looks cute. I was just really surprised.

Green Life 52 continues to amaze and horrify. I have yet to hear if its real or not but the website still holds an almost morbid fascination with me.

A big thanks to Hockey is My Boyfriend blog for the shout out over there!

UPDATE:I just saw Punch in the Face blog also gave us a mention so thank you!

Okay so as if my day could not get more Penguins bashing terrific this little gem came from a Malkin interview also on ugh, Puckdaddy;

Q. Did you speak with any of your teammates? How did they spend their day with the Cup?

I didn’t call anyone. Not even Sidney Crosby(notes). By the way, it was his birthday yesterday. Let’s wish him a Happy Birthday through the media. Let’s wish him health and happiness. [Geno was wrong actually. Crosby’s birthday is on August 7.]

What will you give Crosby as a present?

What do you mean “what”? Me, of course!

Way to get the birthday about a month off. HELLO, its Anna’s birthday too on the seventh. Here is a little trick she taught me, and by taught me I mean she said in disgust; 8-7 as in 87 like the number he wears, these Russian lately bejeezus.

Then the gay jokes that would be slightly offensive and little raunchy roll of my tongue but I won’t type them. Note mental image: Him jumping out of giant cake; scaring shit out of Crosby. Teehee hee.



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2 responses to “ONE MONTH

  1. lulu15213

    I think (unfortunately) that Green Life 52 might be legit. Which is just all kinds of sad if it is. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

  2. thehockeychronicles

    So true a lot of my favorite Caps like Green and Varly have just acted like total dumbasses this summer I miss the old days before they were tools. -Meghan

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